Tonsai Beach is the lesser known beach of Railay peninsula. At a length of around 600 metres, it runs on from Railay West, separated by a rock face at high tide, and faces south. Stuck between two high limestone cliffs, it can be reached by foot from Railay West at low tide. Quieter than the other beaches, as well as some beach restaurants and bars, that makes it really the perfect place to get away from it all.  At low tide, it is almost impossible to beach at Tonsai, even for long-tail boats. When the Club Med people came, it was low tide and their long-tail boat could not reach the shore. . Unfortunately, after months of efforts, the channel was still not large enough to be usable, so he gave up. This means the rugged and more untouched vibe around Tonsai remains even today.
          Regarding the activities available at Tonsai Beach, visitors can enjoy sea-kayaking and scuba diving. But the main activity on offer at Tonsai remains rock climbing: the tall limestone cliffs surrounding the beach offer the perfect playground for experienced rock climbers. There is a climbing school on site if you’d like to learn this thrilling activity.