The most picturesque bay of Phi Phi Ley Bay. Because it is a large bay with the cliffs. Character of Maya Bay It is similar to the sea in the Lagoon, surrounded by mountains, resembling a private kingdom. Within the bay, the sea is emerald, clear white sandy beach stretching along the long side. Another impressive feature of Maya Bay is fine sand grains. And soft like powder.
      When you get to the beaches of Maya Bay, you can not lean on the soft white sand beach. Everyone arrives and falls in love with beauty here. Maya Bay is also used as a filming location for the Hollywood movie "The Beach." From October to April is the best season to visit Maya Bay. Because there will be no wind in the back of Phi Phi Island. The water in Maya Bay is still and crystal clear. But at other times, Maya Bay has only some good days. And no wind or only may enter Maya Bay from Loh Sama Bay on the other side of Phi Phi Island. There will be a small cave entrance to Maya Bay. Take a short walk.
      Maya Bay The 250-meter-long sheltered area of ​​the rocky mountain is naturally dotted with approximately 5-15 meters of sandy beach, just steps away from the boat and treads down to the sandy beach. Will feel that This small sandy beach. It is soft and clean feet. I have to close my eyes to retreat from the sun, reflecting on occasion. If you go back Clarity This sandy soft sandstone of this sandy beach. They are the result of one. The ruins of the coral are destroyed. Crumbled finely powdered According to the cycle of nature In the end, the waves have been splashing up and piling up for years.